Entangled: The series – QUANTUM + Opportunity

Lazaridis QNC - Lazaridis QNC 1502
Thursday, Sep 13, 2018 at 7:00 PM EDT 

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Big Ideas for Little Minds

I’ll take you through a historical journey of my coming of age with digital software and what that experience has granted me. The lesson to be learned is that children will take advantage of the opportunities they are given, but only if their parents and teachers show genuine interest in the activities giving rise to those opportunities.

Twenty years from now, there will be a Quantum Technology equivalent of Bill Gates. That future leader is only a young child today. That child has an enthusiastic parent or teacher who models curiosity and provides access and opportunity to understand and play with new quantum technology. Hence, that child will come of age with next quantum technology revolution. But if the seeds are not sown today, they will never grow into the big ideas of tomorrow.

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Chris Ferrie
University of Technology Sydney and Centre for Quantum Software and Information
Senior Lecturer


Lazaridis QNC - Lazaridis QNC 1502
200 University Avenue West Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1 CA


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