UW Bike Centre - Fall 2020 Rental Bike Program Registration

Student Life Centre - SLC 0101
Monday, Nov 9, 2020 at 5:00 AM EST 

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[Health related info]: Following UW, WUSA, and local policies, Social distancing practices and other preventative measures will be in place. Currently, we are prioritizing UW undergraduate students. For detailed rules, please visit our website: wusa.ca/services/bike-centre
This Fall 2020, the University of Waterloo Bike Centre will continue to offer the bicycle rental program. Students will have the opportunity to rent one of our beautiful Norco bicycles at an affordable price.
​We provide maintenance for the bikes, and make sure the bike is properly fitted to you. Adjustments and tune-ups throughout the term are included at no charge, simply contact us to set up an appointment.

Rental fee and damage deposit will be payable in credit or debit when picking up your bike. Bike pickup times will be communicated with you via email.

Each rental bicycle comes with reflectors, front and rear lights, and a U-lock and cable. You are required to prove you have a helmet when you pick up your bike. You will also be required to understand how to lock your bike properly through demonstration and that you understand where it is appropriate to lock your bike. 

Once you have purchased your deposit, you will be asked for more information to help us ensure we get you the right bike that fits and that you understand how the process works. 

Deposits are only refunded if we are unable to provide you with a bike. 



All bikes:  $45/month (plus $250 refundable damage deposit) 

Payments and deposits will be payable in cash, debit and credit when picking up your bicycle.

Each rental bicycle comes with reflectors, front and rear lights, and a U-lock and cable.

The $20 deposit here on Ticketfi counts as part of the $250 damage deposit, i.e. you'll only need to pay $230 for damage deposit when you pick up your bike.

Bicycle models

The following bicycle models will be available for rental (random assignment):

NORCO CITY GLIDE 8IGH (medium and large)

NORCO CITY GLIDE 2SPD (small, medium and large)

NORCO CITY GLIDE 3IGH MIXTE (small & medium)

Note that we have limited amounts of bikes in each size. We will do our best to get a bike that fits you appropriately.

For any questions, please contact the Bike Centre directly (bikecentre@wusa.ca).



Student Life Centre - SLC 0101
200 University Avenue West Waterloo, ON N2L 3G5 CA


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Located in SLC 0101 - The UW Bike Centre is a student-run DIY shop that can assist in repairs and maintenance of your bicycle. We also have rental bikes, a termly bike auction, and used parts for sale.