WiM Winter Colloquium 2021

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Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021 at 2:00 PM  - 3:00 PM EST 
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Speaker: Prof. Maria Chudnovsky
30 Minute talk followed by Q&A session with the speaker 

Title: Recent progress on the Erdos-Hajnal Conjecture

Abstract: The Erdos-Hajnal conjecture states that for every graph H there is a
constant \epsilon(H) such that every n-vertex graph with no induced subgraph
isomorphic to H has a clique or a stable set of size n^{\epsilon}. This
conjecture has only been verified for a few graphs  H, and in particular until
recently it remained open for the case when H is a cycle of length 5. This
special case received a considerable amount of attention. In this talk we will
survey some known results, and discuss the recent proof for the case of a
cycle of length 5.
This is joint work with Alex Scott, Paul Seymour and Sophie Spirkl.


Maria Chudnovsky
Princeton University


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WiM Winter Colloquium 2021

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