IWW: Making a Good Decolonial Feminist Life Guest Lecture

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Wednesday, Mar 9, 2022 at 6:00 PM EST 
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For the International Women's Week, Women's Centre is hosting a guest lecture with Dr. Kim Nguyen. Dr. Kim Nguyen is a Communication Arts professor at the University of Waterloo and will be presenting about how the university can be a place to explore feminist decolonial praxis. This will allow students to understand the intersectionality between feminism and colonialism and learn about how they can initiate change as a part of the university community.

This event will be held on Teams Webinar. Registration for this event will end 3 hours prior to the event and the event link will be sent 2 hours prior to the event.


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Instructions will be sent out via email after registration.


IWW Guest Lecture

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