February 2023 EDI-R + I Circles Registration

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Feb 15 at 11:30 AM  - Feb 28 at 10:00 AM EST 
{ "name":"February 2023 EDI-R + I Circles Registration", "description": "https://ticketfi.com/4935/february-2023-edi-r-i-circles-registration", "startDate":"2023-02-15", "endDate":"2023-02-28", "startTime":"11:30", "endTime":"10:00", "location":"", "label":"Add to Calendar", "options":[ "Apple", "Google", "iCal", "Microsoft365", "Outlook.com", "Yahoo" ], "timeZone":"US/Eastern", "trigger":"click", "inline":true, "listStyle":"modal", "iCalFileName":"invite.ics" }

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Mathematics Equity Office

This event is supported (wholly or in part) by the Faculty of Mathematics Equity Office. 
While registration for this event is being administered by the Faculty of Mathematics Equity Officer, events are often co-sponsored by other organizations. Please review the event description for details on collaborators for this event.